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Keith W. Criss • TradigitalWorks
This website was designed by
Keith Criss of Tradigitalworks
in Oakland, CA.

Greyson Collins Photography
Photographs for this website and
for PopZinkle were taken by
Greyson Collins in Chico, CA.

C. F. Martin Guitar Company
The company was founded in
1833 by Christian Frederick Martin
and has been continuously family
owned and operated for six
generations. It is the oldest
surviving acoustic instrument
maker in the world and largest
producer of acoustic guitars in
the United States. Martin guitars
are handmade by craftsmen,
many still using the design and
techniques introduced by
C.F. Martin in the 1830s.
The sunburst guitar featured
at this website is a Martin
Limited Edition New Christy
Minstrels Custom, made
to David’s specifications.

Electric Canyon Studios
In the quiet beauty of Butte
Creek Canyon near Chico,
California, this studio
hosts contemporary
and vintage gear in a
professionally designed
studiospace, operated by
long time Chico area audio
engineer/musician, Dale Price.
This is where David’s recent
album “PopZinkle” got its drums
(Thanks, Dale!) and was mixed.
Dale’s fleet, adept, intuitive,
imaginative and productive
mixing style helped me realize
vision for the new album
without friction or waste.
High recommend.

Bernie Grundman Mastering
Bernie was chief mastering
engineer at A&M Records for 15
years, then struck out on his own
in 1984. He’s one of the most
prominent names in mastering
worldwide. He has been directly
or indirectly, by his studio staff of engineers, behind hundreds of
gold and platinum recordings. He
has personally mastered some
of the industry's landmark
recordings, such as: Carol King's
"Tapestry", Steely Dan's "Aja",
Michael Jackson's "Thriller",
Prince's "Purple Rain", and Dr.
Dre's "The Chronic". In addition
he has worked on albums by a
veritable who's who of the music
industry, such as: The Carpenters,
Herb Alpert, Sergio Mendes, The
Doors, Joe Cocker, Joni Mitchell,
Burt Bacharach, Jackson Browne,
Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor,
Supertramp, Procal Harum, Rod
Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, Janet
Jackson, Quincy Jones, Outkast,
Ludicrous, Mos Def, Mary J. Blidge,
Lucinda Williams, Jack Johnson
& Macy Gray – and now, glad to
say, David Zink. You can watch a
brief video from our mastering
session at YouTube.

For CD replication, mastering
engineers love GrooveHouse.
Bernie Grundman recommended
this manufacturer to us because
they use vintage equipment
originally created for high-fidelity
audio CDs, and they cut the
glassmaster in real time
(1x speed). This is a world
of tweakiness that must be
honored. I found their prices
very competitive, and it
turned out the President of
GrooveHouse – Bryan Kelley –
is an acquaintance from
way back!

Robyn Landis
Robyn Landis is a gifted
wordsmith, author and
award-winning songwriter,
and a co-writer with David
of the song “Jamison Brown”.
Now living on Vashon Island,
WA, Robyn also designs CD
artwork. PopZinkle benefits
from Robyn’s good talents.

Brett Perkins
Southern California native
Brett Perkins – now of
Copenhagen, Denmark – has
grown a career as performing
songwriter, presenter, lecturer,
and now “song facilitator”.
Brett Perkins' Listening Room International Songwriter
Retreats have brought artists
together for a frenzy of
songwriting in gorgeous
locations around the world.
“PopZinkle” contains four
co-writes from these
retreats: “Thorn Man”
(with Nick Hovick);
“Feel a Train”
(with Nanna Larsen);
“Dance with a Shadow”
(Michael Boesen); and
“Rain or Shine” (Phyllis Travis).

Lucas Ohio & The Shamblers
San Francisco Bay Area’s got
a real gem in their midst.
Lucas Ohio Pattie’s songs are extraordinarily natural in their
poetic musicality. The Shamblers’ repertoire is the fulfillment of
muscular grace – attractive to
the bone. Lucas has selected
songs from David’s repertoire
and composed liner notes
towards a “Best of David Zink”
album to be released mid-2010.

Sweet Talk Radio
The creative duo of Kathrin Shorr
& Tim Burlingame is nothing
short of astounding. Trax from
PopZinkle that received their
je ne sais quoi: “PopZinkle”,
“Bird”, “Dance With a Shadow”
“Rain or Shine”, and they were
part of the choirs on “Feel a
Train” and “Bye Bye Magpie”.
Check out their debut album,
“My Hallelujah”.

Other contributors
to “PopZinkle”:

Hector Pineda
Jim Lownes
Still on the Hill
(Kelly Mulhollan
& Donna Stjerna)

Zac Leger
Will Salmon
Simon Lynge
Janna Marit
Paul Kamm
& Eleanore MacDonald

Dana Cooper

Bright Blue Gorilla
(Michael Glover &
Robyn Rosenkrantz)

Dave Cowan
Amalie Riis
Klaus Caprani
Laila K. Jensen
Nanna Larsen
David Landau
Hannah Berry
Jonathan Berry