“Way of Granite” CD release 2010
“PopZinkle” CD release 2010
Zink co-write “Drown” on Simon Lynge
   EU Release!

Copenhagen Songwriters Festival
   plus Festival Video interview!
Zink records and tours with ‘edited’ trio

“Way of Granite” CD scheduled
for October 2010 release
A “Best of” compilation of David’s
(pre-“PopZinkle”) recorded work is
scheduled for release October 28th
under the title “Way of Granite”.
Songs were both selected from Zink’s
first three albums (“Live Birth” [1991],
“Carnival of Stars” [1992], “Pyro” [1999])
and sequenced by Lucas Ohio Pattie
(Lucas Ohio and the Shamblers),
who is rapidly gaining recognition
as one of the San Francisco
Bay Area’s hottest new talents.
David will celebrate the release with
a live performance at Chico Café Culture
on Thursday, October 28, 7:30PM.  back to top >

PopZinkle 2010 Release
David’s fourth studio album, “PopZinkle”
was released this year online at CDBaby.com,
NoiseTrade.com and iTunes.

The album started as a spiral doodle made on
a napkin on 9/11, and represents a journey
from joy’s eclipse through dark, painful places,
towards hope.

The recording is very much an internet-era
project, featuring performances of 27 artists
that were contributed remotely from studios
in Denmark, Arkansas, Washington, and
California. Contributors include Kathrin Shorr
and Tim Burlingame (Sweet Talk Radio),
Kelly Mulhollan and Donna Stjerna
(Still on the Hill), Paul Kamm and Eleanore
MacDonald, Dana Cooper, Michael Glover
and Robyn Rosenkrantz (Bright Blue Gorilla),
Simon Lynge, Janna Marit, Nanna Larsen,
Brett Perkins, Amalie Riis, Jim Lownes, Hector
Pineda, Dale Price, Sojourner Zink, Lori
Phelps-Zink, David Landau, Klaus Caprani,
Laila K. Jensen, Zac Leger, Hannah Berry,
David Cowan and Will Salmon.             back >

Simon Lynge-David Zink Co-Write
Featured on Lynge’s UK Album

In May 2010, Lo-Max Records released
the new Simon Lynge album “The Future” in
the UK. Featured on the album is a co-write
with David Zink titled “A Beautiful Way to
Drown”. An early copy of “Drown” accidentally
made it into heavy rotation in Greenland in
2006, eventually displacing Cold Play in
second position. The song has already
been featured in the soundtrack of the
film “Young, Single and Angry” (2006).  back >

David featured at the Copenhagen
Songwriters Festival in August 2010

David as featured at the
Copenhagen Songwriters Festival
in August 2010! Now in its second
year, the festival featured established
and up-coming artists from Denmark
and around the world. American artists
included Dana Cooper, McKinley Black,
Mark Davis, and David. David appeared
in a Festival Video!                              back >

Zink tours with ‘edited’ trio in
January – March, 2011

Joining forces with veteran songwriters
Brett Perkins and Mark Davis, David will tour
with edited to support their upcoming debut
EP in winter, 2011. The trio is booking shows
now in California, Denmark, Sweden, Germany
and Ireland.                                          back >

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