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DAVID ZINK, PopZinkle (Papa’s Moon): 
(3 stars out of 5)

Former Altadenan Zink, now relocated to
Northern California, returns with this
impassioned folk-rock salvo that takes cleverly
worded aim at political targets and societal
intolerance while celebrating love and nature.
Romantic ballads like “Bird” benefit from his
dramatic tenor and rhythmic guitar, but
highlights occur when compassion meets
his drive for justice: “Mary,” the bluesy “Feel
a Train” and title track (“There’s a balance to
the world/ It tips this way and that/ And there’s
a war ’tween those who want it round/ And
those who want it flat”).                       back to top >

Concert Reviews
has been described as "…a songwriter
with a keen sense for making songs work…
slightly off-kilter, original, eccentric and wildly appealing...experimental…"

Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar,
mandolin and harmonica, "... he engages
audiences with the untethered power of his
voice, agile spirit and total artistic commitment.
And when he's really riding the inspiration
wave, there's a burning soulfulness about his
music that's utterly compelling."

“David Zink, alone on stage…is as powerful
as a rock band.”

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What Fans Are Saying
With an eclectic blend of genres – acoustic
folk, rock, blues, gospel, country, jazz and
world beat influences – David Zink has
developed a style that is at once distinctive
and familiar, intelligent, earnest and playful.
Known for his agile voice, splendid guitar
work and adventurous songcraft, fans
regularly compare him to Bruce Cockburn,
Richard Thompson and Mark Cohn.

Here’s how fans describe David’s music:

“Soulful. Imaginative.”

“An…exploration of the magic and dreams of
one's being.”

“[David’s] voice is expressive, versatile, rich
and soul stirring…[His] songs are…inspired
with masterfully woven lyrics.”

“Surreal poetic…highly imaginative tunes
and styling.”

“Heartfelt delightful ballads rooted in the
enchanting American tradition. Music vested
with lavish imagery. Et chansons d'amour passionnées.”
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